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tv   Fox News Our Story  FOX News  January 1, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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part in the polar bear plunge. it was after a 5 k race. the event helped raise money for an environmental charity. >> good for them, but i couldn't do it. thanks for watching. fox news our story begins now. >> happy new year. they said it could not be done. they said there was not enough news to go around. nearly two decades later, fox news channel and you our viewers have proven them wrong. welcome to fox news, our story. the channel launched from a more modest studio october 7th, 1996. and from the beginning there has been a mission, fair and balanced news. and a motto, we report. you decide. today i can report that you've
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decided fox news channel is the number one cable news network in america. and you've made us number one for 12 consecutive years for both total day and prime time. how did that happen? you're about to find out. >> george bush, this is your life. >> we've heard all those excuses before. >> fair, balanced and dangerous. you never know what the guests will say, you never know what we'll say. >> good job. >> in the beginning, it was like headline news. can i say that on fox? and then it was loose up. and we went totally loose. >> brian already challenged me to a couple, maybe high healed football. i'm not shr. joining the fx news family is the equivalent of growing up as a boston red sox fan or yankee
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fan. this is an honor and privilege and i'm beyond thrilled to be on the team. >> the fox brand has a reputation for being edgy. its movie, television shows and sports have always been innovative and fearless when it comes to taking risks. >> what the bloody hell was that? >> but rupert murdoch has always been a news man. and he was committed to starting a first class news operation that, too, would be as innovative and cutting edge. >> we can firmly announce the starting of a fox news channel. >> i knew he would take risks, put up money to back them. >> mr. murdoch put his faith in fox news chairman ceo. from the beginning, he clearly stated the mission of fox news. to report all sides of the story, unbiased and unfiltered.
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>> the american people are very smart. they know the difference between news, facts, analysis, commentary, opinion, spin and bs. the other news organizations won't tell you the difference. well. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> is it better for our country can to know the details of what their elected officials are doing? i would argue yes, it is. >> there are people who don't live in los angeles, new york, san francisco, boston and maybe they weren't served all the time. >> it was a market sitting there waiting to be served. we served it. >> powerful, insightful, fair and balanced. megan kelly taking prime time to the next degree. >> i think i am fair and balanced and fiery. fire and balanced means you bring the news accurately, truthfully, but with
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perspective. when it came out from him that he has never interviewed this accuser, it's inexcusable. >> when that story broke -- >> there were serious questions about this woman's story. >> and you smelled a rat. >> i did. >> a terrific example of the story everybody else was doing and we did in a different way and he with got it right. >> people get it. everybody gets what is going on in this country. and i think that they like that we don't talk down to anybody here. >> you say that the more people know and viewers become educated, the better voters they become. >> do i believe freedom of the press is really a primary function of democracy. >> you're gathering the news in real time and putting that directly on tv. >> suspicious packages on board two u.p.s. planes have forced those planes to be guaranteed. >> we don't have details on what
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that package might look like. >> it was a tense environment. what will happen next? >> with a young ambitious staff working 24/7, the startup network launched october 7th, 1996 in only 17 million households. competitor cnn was in 70 million homes. >> all you had to do was walk in the newsroom. everybody was getting paid less, doing more, but they were all almost like stockholder. >> was anyone watching in october of 1996? >> no. it was like doing television in a vacuum. we couldn't even watch it here in manhattan because there was the argument with the cable company that had manhattan wired. >> do i have that on my visa limit? >> do you ever stop and reflect and think about how far this place has come?
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>> when roger would say i have a five year plan to knock off cnn, i thought the guy was drinking kool-aid. >> i think fox has become apowe. >> cnn had a 16 year head start, but this 5 1/2 years, fox news was number one this viewer ship. today fox news has an average of 1.77 million viewers in prime time. cnn has 577,000. fox more than doubles cnn and msnbc in prime time. >> you came from cnn. what struck you when you got here? >> when i was working at cnn, we had a large staff. we had between 15, maybe 65 people. >> we have a super large staff. >> we have like 12. everybody around here has to be nimble in order for us to stay on top, to stay competitive, and
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to stay number one. >> and you talk about how you stay fresh and he constantly encourages us to think about outside the box and do something different. >> j what would you say about our correspondents? >> i think they're the best in the business. >> when people say they've not journalists, i say really? in some cases the way they literally risk their lives to get an accurate story. >> they're firing tear gas. i can't see. >> you were thet person publicly throughout all media to mention thethe key suspects como
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mind, osama bin laden. >> what changed for you after september 11th? >> it all changed because it became who are about the news and less about everything else. >> after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> bin laden is dead. multiple sources, osama bin laden is dead. >> the rescue of the first of 33 miners in chile trapped underground for 69 agonizing days. >> people were holding vigils. >> barack obama is the next president of the united states and what is ride it has been. >> you can count on fox news channel for the latest in politics and the events from our nation's capital. and we count on team washington.
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straight ahead, bret bear and brit hume and the timely launch of special report. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. relations with that woman -- ms. lewinsky. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story.
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announcer: every day across america, excess food is gathered by a network of good people at local food banks, giving hope to millions of children who struggle with hunger. they've earned their wings. and you can, too. together we can solve child hunger.
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support feeding america and your local food bank at covering covering washington comes nonstop, it is flowing. >> i want you to listen and i'll say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> on january 26, 1998, the same day president clinton gave that stunning denial, fox news managing editor brit hume was told by the washington, d.c. bureau chief that the time was now to launch a nightly political news program.
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that show? special report. the bureau chief? brit hume's wife, kim. >> so i called roger ailes and i said this is what kim said to me. and he said -- he paused and said she's right. start it tonight. and of course i fell off the floor. >> welcome to washington. i'm brit hume and i'll be here each night. >> roger ailes told me that it was a big deal to get you. >> it was a big deal for me to get here. i was excited about it. >> nemtin the meantime, no more on the way. >> he led special report for ten years and continues as a fox news contributocontributor. >> what advice did he give you? >> he said two things. one, be yourself. two, let the news drive the
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show. >> and the news has taken bret out of the studio and on the road and even on a 100 mile bike ride with wounded veterans and president bush. >> i must confess, you beat expectations. >> must have been pretty low. >> yes, they were. >> why do you think people watch at 6:00? >> i think it's a formula that works. it works when brit created the whole structure, it is news-driven. the correspondents drive it. and then to have analysis at the end of the show with the panel, it's an equation that worked. >> you think about special report, you position about fox news sunday, the people who sat in that chair. tony snow, god rest his soul. chris wallace, yourself, bret. >> tony was a newcomer to
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television. and a very bright andtal lep ta guy and sweet guy. chris is a legitimate star at abc news and he brought this very high degree of professionalism to this task here and it shuts down the idea that this is a bunch of conservative oddballs who had an ax to grind and so forth. >> fair and balanced is the fox motto in our coverage, in our reporting, in our questioning. >> how do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mess so far? >> sometimes we get surprising answers. >> i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. >> but surprises can happen anywhere. >> for the straw poll, it's considerably -- mitt romney. governor. what a great surprise. >> good to see you. >> the relationship with the obama white house has been complicated. when i watch press conferences,
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ed henry is a bulldog. he's on our team now. >> you're creating -- >> that's not the what i'm doing. >> he and jay carney go back at it. and the results of them sniping at you were someone from the white house called you a l luna 37. >> what the american people care about is their premiums are going up 40%, 60%.>> what the ae about is their premiums are going up 40%, 60%. >> you had a significant interview with president obama. >> the ideas embodied in this legislation are not left, they're not right. >> i know you don't like to talk about process, but there are a lot of questions in these 18,000 that talk about process. >> some have criticized you for calling it an interrupt-a-thon. >> if you're not getting answers or you're getting filibustered answers where he holds the ball for a long time, you kind of owe it to viewers to press.
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i apologize for entinterrupting much. we're trying to get the most for your buck. thanks very much for your time. >> final question for you, my prepared. if this job were to go belly up, i understand there is a second option for you as a career. what would that be? >> oh, i don't know. rapping? ♪ >> i was feeling the moment. i went to this charity event, it they said what can you do. i said i can't do anything. i remember a rap when i was in high school. they said you're on third. and i got up there and fortunately i remembered it. >> no kidding. ♪ >> bret baier joined fox new as couple years after the launch. in fact he started the atlanta
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bureau in his apartment with just a phone and fax machine. but 14 have been here from the beginning. who was the first on air talents to be you been hired? that answer after the break. >> do we want to be a freedom society or a nanny state cradle to grave? ♪ [ male announr ] this is the story of the lile room over the pizza place at 315 cnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in talln, tonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue. the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ...and the second floor above the strip mall at roble and el camino. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every gre idea begins.
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♪ so different and so new where those with endless vision and an equal amount oaudaciousness believed they had the power to do more. time and time again. ♪ and then, it happene at dell, we're honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. stories that began much the same way ours did. in a lite dorm room -- # 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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who was the first on-air talent to be hired for the fox news channel? the answer, lauren green. >> a lot of issues came to the
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desk. 9/11 was the biggest. katrina. financial meltdown. >> keep your hands out of my piggybank. >> then you can't -- >> black values. >> listen, i'm -- >> do you know theology? >> i studied theology. >> what do you say to the critics who say we're far from being fair ap balannd balanced? >> my passion is politics. >> that's twice what i'm making. >> you don't pay 60% in taxes. >> michael, i pay 60%. you have half the country that doesn't pay any income taxes. and then you got the other half literally paying all the bills. and then getting a baseball bat to their head saying you're not paying enough. g >> the time has come for affordable universal health
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care. >> and health care is an issue hannity and his guests continue to debate. >> you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. >> you want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. >> listen, sean, i don't have anything to apologize for. not to you or anyone. >> this is about the systemic dismantling of this country. i'm only 35 years old, i've never been interested in politics. you have awake ped a sleeping giant. >> this is not what the constitution wrote. this is not a welfare state. it should not be a welfare state. >> do we want to be a freedom society or do we want to be a nanny state? cradle to grave. >> freedom is a big part of your program. >> i will put america's freedom up against your tyranny that would force women to wear burqas. >> the real answer is freedom. ♪ >> when you look at the words
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our founding document, where endowed by our creator, not by government. >> it is our turn to stand up and to speak out. >> i think this is a major turning point as americans stand up and say to their politicians enough. >> what do you think makes the fox news channel such a success? >> field of dreams. if you build it, they will come. and there was a decision for fox. >> we need a fighter right now to fight against the political establishment. >> is that a bad thing that there is alternative views and voices out there? >> i think the constitution should dictate what the federal government does and they shouldn't be doing anything that wasn't given this toem by to th people. >> we're not asking for a rebate. we want to farm. >> you can go back and i hope and pray you are not going to
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show the first show that i was on. >> senator bob dole, all you have to do is show up and last night bob dole proved that. >> i was a nervous wreck. i did not have enough experience at hosting on television. so those tapes now are under hopefully armed guard. >> they're in the lockbox. >> hannity and combs was on the air for the channel's first 12 years. the conservative and the liberal personified fair and balanced. >> i was really expecting who are out of this report than stuff about monica lewinsky lying about -- >> did we read the same report? >> i think we did. >> overwhelming he said of perjury, obstruction, abuse of power. >> in spite of our political disagreements, we've had a wonderful 12 years together. are you a personal friend. >> this will kill you. >> hang on a second. i'm going to miss you. >> you know what the audience wants. >> 19 hijackers used airline
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tickets and box cutters last time. they had nuclear weapons and destroyed a city. >> before you put people in harm's way, you want to listen to it a lot of voices. at least i wanted to. >> why are you crossing over? you you don't have papers? you want to come and work? why don't you go through the process legally. why don't you get the papers. >> when i got deported first time -- >> can i seed are raiseded a out of the house and i'm in the mood. >> did everyone see my face? beat red. you're killing me. >> you said no cursing. i haven't said the f word once. >> you've been good. >> if i didn't have this show and i didn't have radio every day as an outlet, i would be driving around in the car talking to myself. i'd be asking questions, i'd be giving answers, i'd be the caller, i'd be the host. >> you'd be driving your wife
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nuts. >> that, too. >> for 12 years, at 10:00 p.m., greta van susteren was number one. and now she's enjoying the same success at 7:00 p.m.. in fact she's beating both cnn and msnbc combined. what is greta's secret? we'll tell you that right after the break.
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happy new year 2014. it's pouring in with miserable weather. firefighters phased subzero temperatures battling this apartment fire. tomorrow tnortheast expected to get buried with a foot of snow and even blizzard conditions. bill debl blasio was sworn this today. he takes the reins from michael bloomberg. putin you vowing to annihilate terrorists. attacks killing 34 people. our state department advising athletes travel to go the olympics be on the alert. thousand back to fox news our stone. have a great day.
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when greta van susteren's program moved three hours early to 7:00, she continued her success. her winning formula is simple. she follows her curiosity to people and places in washington and around the world. >> i think the viewers get that. i think it goes out through the camera that we enjoy our jobs. just a short time ago, senator hatch went on the record. >> why do you live in washington? >> because this is where the action is. you see behind you is the united states capitol. that's where all the stories are. >> he needs to quit spending, quit borrowing. >> if it doesn't work, we're all
1:31 pm
in trouble. >> we were just in the joint session. >> if i go capitol hill and interview senator orrin hatch, i'll run into four senators on my way up there. i get information, i get to meet their staff and we put it on greta wire so that the viewers have a much more intimate relationship with our show so i have the jump on every single other cable news show. and they have the news by remote satellite, set them up, hope the people show up. i can put my hands right on their throats. >> searching for clues, motivations and the consequences of crime, they were staples of on the record for many years, but greta has expanded the focus, to wherever her curiosity leads her. >> she said nothing up she was on the boat and then it was like
1:32 pm
what's going on? >> we were sreceiving a lot of the blame. >> i have a lot of experience with that, shutting down rumors is certainly not something i know how to do. >> greta's curiosity also takes her places. >> is there any way to sort of measure the damage to the infrastructure? >> take you your show on the road? >> a lot. >> this is a nation of over 20 million people. if we don't get food to them quickly, you're talking about 6 million people at risk. >> you went to haiti with sarah palin. >> the irony is this is a hop skip and a jump away from the united states of america. and from what we are so blessed with. >> you've been on the u.s. border with rick perry. how does that visit or that trip impact the information you put on your wire is this. >> it's always better to see.
1:33 pm
so that helps. >> there are gaps in the fence. you don't even have to get a ladder. >> if you don't have boots on the ground, you cannot defend that border. >> i've been to pakistan a number of times. it's scary. >> how about those navy s.e.a.l.s? >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> the fact that fogs nx news channel septembcha channel sent me to pakistan gave me the ability to be part of the story that night. >> you and i worked together at cnn. >> yes. >> at the same time that the fox news channel came on the air. >> right. >> do you remember your first memory or the first image you have of what fox was? >> yes. >> then? >> yes. i'll tell you, it's always different. i remember when msnbc got launched because we were all concerned about msnbc and they had spent all this money on a
1:34 pm
set. look what that can did it for them. >> they have the money of microsoft and gone electric. that was a fierce competitor. >> no one paid attention to the fox news channel. it was a big deal when you went to fox. >> they said it would ruin my career. >> how are you doing now? >> okay. and it was my departure, i won't take the credit, but that's the last time december 2000 the last time cnn was number one. up next, the king of all cable, mr. bill o'reilly. he's bolder and fresher than ever. find out why he's been number one for 14 consecutive years and counting. youand you're talking toere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic.
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caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. stop the b.s. here. stop the crap. it wasn't your fault? come on, you coward. say the truth. >> you like to engage. you like to debate. >> when i started, we were the maverick outsider, jab be everybody. thousand we're a go-to program. when people need solid information about the stock market collapse or what's happening, they come here. now i have to be more measured. >> now we're back to 1994. this is why americans don't trust the government. >> sometimes i have to. barney frank is the best example. but now i have to be amounts more methodical than i was in the beginning. >> don't you think people watching you,unts more
1:39 pm
methodical than i was in the beginning. >> don't you think people watching you, you're think a would weasel? >> they height. >> i do. this guy doesn't position people were murdered on 9/11 when we saw what happened? >> i'm going to be tough on people who i believe are harming the votes. >> a lot of americans feel you're a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom. >> i think i've been fair to barack obama, but nobody gets a pass. nobody. >> i'm going to try to get to us where we have aid. >> are you going to crack down on the sanctions? >> no, i'm not about that. >> what happened to saddam's chemical arsenal? >> i took the chance that i'm going to tell people stuff even if it tees them off. there are millions of americans who have come to respect that. and that's why i remain number
1:40 pm
one. >> what i love about is you you're quite provocative. >> me? me? >> the fact is -- >> you still have a liberal strain of hysteria in you. i've been trying to get it out of for you years. fought with the npr thing. you agree with me, the president should have the the power to order coerce measures. >> what they all want to know, the miserable media, is why you're more conservative than george clooney. >> people will say you're biassed? >> folks make the call. you don't like it, that's okay. most americans don't want their kids to say fu daddy about that. >> people need to be protected. i'll use my power to protect them, it's as simple as that. jess laica
1:41 pm
jessica's law was passed in 45 out of 50 states about sgrp welcome to the no spew zone. >> oh, my god. you're hilarious. >> you also have fun. you have a great sense of humor. >> a lot of the stuff is really stupid and dumb and we'll mock it, we'll make fun of it. are there people i have on, all have a sense of humor. i sass them, they sass me back. >> do you take cheap shots, but you defend those cheap shots. >> that's not the only thing. i'm like a lot of leavitt town right in your ass. >> a lot of people thought the tender fight was big. you didn't see you and geraldo.. you didn't see you and geraldo. >> she have been deported and this mayor and police chief didn't deport him. >> it was like godzilla and king
1:42 pm
kong. >> you want open border anarchy. >> what i want is fairness. >> how much time do we have? >> one minute. >> what are you doing on your show? >> thanks for asking. >> miller time, weekdays with bernie, is it legal kelly file. what do they bring to your program? >> we build these segments against charismatic individuals who i have a pretty good rapport and you don't know what will happen. >> you don't think having to go through a naked body scanner is a violation of your civil rights? >> why am i scanned when i come on here? that's not necessary. i think you know me by now. sglun. >> do you know why you're scanned? because the guys want some giggles. that's why. >> fine. >> i see someone who has a good eye for great television. i see a man who works his tail off. and knows his audience better
1:43 pm
than anyone in the cable game today. >> i've always been the same guy. i've been in every state. i know the country. and i like the country. and i like the folks who live in the country. >> i'm a big fan. i enjoy you. >> you're a good guy, bill. >> we don't have to be afraid of o'reilly because the truth never hurts. >> when it comes to reporting business news, neil cavuto and his experienced team own the markets. up next, how he was able to break down wall street lingo and help you not only survive, but prosper. ♪ [ male announr ] this is the story of the lile room over the pizza place at 315 cnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in talln, tonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue.
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the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ...and the second floor above the strip mall at roble and el camino. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every gre idea begins. ♪ so different and so new where those with endless vision and an equal amount oaudaciousness believed they had the power to do more. time and time again. ♪ and then, it happene at dell, we're honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. stories that began much the same way ours did. in a lite dorm room -- # 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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for years it was as if i was in the witness protection program saying i hathink i have five people watching my show. and he said this is on a good night. would you do business news different? i wouldn't call it business. >> it's your world. >> there you go. i know you don't buy this. you must confess you don't buy this. >> neil cavuto in his unique way brings wall street to main street and he does it with conviction and humor. >> this represents the equivalent of about $325 million. that is how much money we spend per minute. for get where is the beef. i think these guys are saying stop the bull. the economics are hurting, i can't even afford salt on my popcorn anymore. seriously. it's very bland. life has become bland.
1:48 pm
>> republicans charging today that harry would rather huddle behind closed doors than dance with they will. harry is having trouble hooking up. chuck is an expert at it, chuck. if anyone can find a connection, chuck can. >> picture harry reid and john boehner dancing behind closed door is the just wrong. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the health care debate, you had a guy come on t. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the health care debate, you had a guy come on t. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the health care debate, you had a guy come on t. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the health care debate, you had a guy come on tv who was a speed reader. >> she have been done with this thing, and he is now. but he came through it he saying wait a minute, there are a lot of assumptions here that don't add up. and he was the first -- >> what story has gotten you the biggest reaction? >> the the whole 2008 financial m meltdown. but we rose to the occasion
1:49 pm
because we were going after rescues and bailouts that didn't seem to make sense. i think it proves to people that we were neither red nor blue, just green, following green. ♪ >> dourp the day you were in a business suit on a treadmill? >> yes. it was my normal workout. but my point then with the workout was to show built in to the budget deals, they're all ten year plans. most of the cuts happen around 2017, 2018. that would be like me going to a gym and telling the trainer, which i did in
1:50 pm
of ceos and politicians. the former ceo of yodel has impressed you. >> yes. >> why? >> because i look at people who inherit. he came into a dying company that had to be rescued by then-president jimmy carter. but he was in your face, he was a cheerleader extraordinaire. it is one of the greatest turnarounds in history. >> end this for me. your closing comment is important because -- >> victims of the oldest con on earth, greedy enough to think they could beat the odds, stupid enough to assume they did. and i will guarantee you, my friend, it will happen again and again. >> neil's success on fox helped fuel the spinoff for the fox business network. >> what if you don't get it?
1:51 pm
>> shepard smith recently left his successful 7:00 p.m. fox report and his 3 p.m. studio b. to launch a new breaking news division called shepard smith reporting. straight ahead, a look back at the most memorable stories he's covered on the most powerful names.
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we were fledge ling for about a month and they made fun of us for about a year. they're not making fun any more. roger made me move to new york, which i don't like to do. i was living in los angeles and playing volleyball on the beach. but within a year of living here, i fell in love with it. >> get ready for the fox report. >> and then there is this before we turn off the lights in studio b. >> we create a run line every day in hopes of getting it out. >> but you take the viewer along on an experience they did not think they were going to get either. >> i think of the fire alarm. >> that was quite a day. >> there was not a fire. and they go off. and some dude on the 50th floor will come on and say hello, this is the fire warden, nothing weird will happen. there is a lady stuck in the
1:55 pm
toilet on the 31st floor. seriously now, katrina, how did you stand in front of that camera and look into that black circle and try and help the country understand? >> i wasn't trying to help anybody except the people there. >> do you return to that moment personally? >> i try not to return to many of those moments -- moments that i can't fix. >> for three days, 12 people in an attic of a home and for those three days they were flooded up to the second floor, more than 14 feet of water. >> drew peterson was on your program one day. >> he was. >> the neighbors said they saw you carrying out a big blue barrel. >> again, shepherd, that is not what we agreed to talk about. >> i would never agree to any
1:56 pm
restrictions. i would never do that. >> okay, i guess i have to walk away, mr. shepherd. >> the day that sully landed that flight in the hudson. you were on the air. >> i was. >> this is a u.s. airways plane that has gone down in the hudson river. >> it was bitterly cold outside and the wind was whipping through the canyons in midtown. dallas bost-- it is boston marathon day and we have just gotten two pictures of live explosions. >> on 9/11 the fox news channel put a camera outside of the studio to show the country and the world that all of new york city was under attack. >> i've been at plenty of horrible things were people were dying but i've never been at a place where it was my people who
1:57 pm
were drieg and -- dying and it was my boss who said we want you to go to the roof and show pictures, because the view is comforting the nation and another plane is on its way to washington. since the debut of the fox report in '99 and studio b. in 2002, cnn and msnbc has launched shows and each have failed. >> this is shepard smith reporting which will air every day at this time and this is the breaking hub for all of fox news channel. we call it the fox news desk. what we do in this room is try to vet what you are seeing on social media and other media sites and whenever breaking news happens, this team is here in this room along with dozens of others outside of it and we'll bring you the breaking news, no matter the program you are watching at the time.
1:58 pm
>> we want to go down to shepard smith at fox news desk who is monitoring this breaking news. >> we are. and we're working on tweets across the south land. at 9:31 this morning pacific daylight time, 12:31 eastern time was the first call and here is what we have confirmed. this is the red, orange and blue tarps indicating we have triage set up out there. we knew. >> that we know three people are injured. >> did you think back then that you would see the enormous amount of success? >> not a chance. no way, no how and that shows i didn't know the boss. and i didn't. i remember telling him distinctly, we will win. we will win in all of the time slots and ten it -- and then it will become difficult. i love what roger and our folks have accomplished. i'm very proud of them.
1:59 pm
thanks for making fox news channel number one from all of us, our pledge continues. we report and you decide. in new york, i'm bill hemmer, thank you for watching. here is one more trivia question, how many different ways can you get the fox news channel? the answer, more and more ways every single day. the year began with a victory lap. >> they said they would never agree to raise tax ratz on the wealthy americans. >> it is ending in frustration and apologies. >> nobody is more frustrated than i am. >> what is behind the obama breakdown. the stories you haven't heard. fox news reporting, behind the obama breakdown. from washington, d.c., here is
2:00 pm
bret baier. >> who would have thunk it. a tech savvy team obama struggling to get a website up and running. conservatives going for defense cuts, confounding


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